Only a limited number of these packages are available, as you are guaranteed that all your contact will be with me, Liz Freeman, and not one of my trusted staff members or associates.

It’s like having your own part-time F.D. – someone who will always make themselves available to you and who will be focussed on being a core part of your management team.

As well as taking charge of your finance function, mentoring staff and ensuring internal service delivery, I will be happy to represent your business to external parties, be it investors or the bank.

The benefits of the VIP package over any of the other packages we offer is that you, our VIP customer, gets priority access to my expertise.  This allows me to really get to understand the nuts and bolts of your business from the point of view of an insider.  This can include advice on staffing, projects to improve finance processes and systems, and a constant evolution of your company’s management reporting systems so that they are ever responsive to your business’ changing requirements.

It’s difficult to find higher-level accountancy support, available on a part-time or flexible basis – certainly most traditional accounting practices do not offer it.  A tax accountant has simply not been trained, and has usually not had any real life experience either, in what it takes to roll your sleeves up and make things happen within a dynamic and ever-changing environment.  I, however, trained in management accounting and have worked within businesses. both large and small, and am used to the pressure of having to make things happen.  I know what it takes to get reliable information systems up and running, the pressures of having to juggle cash requirements and how to manage and motivate teams and the people around me.

If this sounds like the type of support your business has been crying out for, then pick up the phone and let’s have a preliminary chat.  With such a personal package as this one, it’s important that the arrangement works well for both parties.