Being management accountants, it’s just as much to do with the management as with the accounting! Numbers mean nothing unless the context in which they exist is clearly understood.

So in addition to our knowledge and support, we aim to provide leadership and direction.

We embrace technology and are always looking for efficient ways of doing things.  We ourselves run a paperless office, have remote working and hold all our data securely online.  We work with many clients who are doing the same, using document storage and sharing facilities such as Office 365, Google Drive and various hosted solutions which means that the days of having to have expensive office facilities are fast receding.

Here are some common situations where clients come to us for assistance:

  • The books are done and the tax figure is calculated, but I don’t really understand where our profit has come from and whether we could be doing better. 

We can help with that.

  • We have our own in-house bookkeeper, but at times I need more financial insight if I’m going to develop the business and plan ahead. I’d love to have regular forecasts to help me map out the future and I know my bank manager would like this too.”

We can help with that.

  • I find it really difficult to meet the annual accounts, VAT and PAYE deadline dates and invariably things always get left until the last minute. I should be spending my time more profitably on the things I am good at”

We can help with that.

  • We have accounting systems in place but I know we are not using them as we should. We need better processes, management reporting and regular monitoring of our KPIs.”

We can help with that.

  • As a business owner, I know I should be spending time working on strategy but it’s difficult to juggle this with all the other responsibilities I have. I need assistance at times to focus on the longer term and someone to make sure I do what is right”

We can help with that.

What we won’t do…

  • Audits – try a high street accounting firm
  • Legal advice – try the Yellow Pages
  • Pension or investment advice – that’s an IFA – we can put you in contact.
  • Tax advice and planning – although we know a man who does!
  • Rip you off. You get a top-rate, reliable service at pre-agreed rates. If you don’t believe us, check out what our customers say…

To learn more and to discuss your business needs, please call – 01252 629299 – or e-mail at