Budget 2015

Red BoxThis was the final Budget of this parliament and so whilst many of the measures will no doubt be implemented in full, there are always question-marks over promises which may never come to fruition if the current administration do not manage to get sufficient votes in May.

Nevertheless, please see our own summary of the key measures likely to affect you or your small business by clicking here :  Issue 34 Budget 2015

Year-end Tax Planning Checklist

April 5thAs we draw close to 5th April, it’s worth just highlighting a few sensible tax planning measures that you might be able to take to either reduce, or delay, your personal tax burden.  Nothing here is rocket science, nor does it come within the (politically charged) definition of tax evasion / avoidance, but it may just be worth you considering these points, then acting immediately on them (for many of the points the second half of March is already too late to effect any changes) Continue reading

Focus On QuickBooks Online

ProAdvisorA couple of months ago we highlighted the recent changes in Xero, and now it’s the turn of QuickBooks Online.  As the online software providers are constantly developing and enhancing their products, it’s sometimes tricky to keep up.  So here’s a run-down of what the QuickBooks Online chaps and chappesses have been up to lately!

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Digest of really useful Xero updates

XeroAs experts in Xero, we’re always keeping an eye on the development work that our friends at Xero HQ are performing, and putting in requests on our clients’ behalf for enhancements they’d like to see in the software.  So we thought it would be a good idea to pull together the new features that have appeared within Xero over the last 12 months that are likely to be of the most use to our clients…  Continue reading

About Change!

u-turn-symbolA few weeks ago we alerted you to the fact that penalties for late filing of RTI submissions were due to start for the smallest employers from 6th October 2014…  well, no sooner had the ink dried on my proverbial keyboard, then HMRC did an about-face.  Yet another extension until the penalty regime starts – this time 6th March 2015!

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Approved Growth Voucher Adviser

GV-logoFreeman Accounting Services Limited has been approved as a registered Growth Voucher adviser as part of the government’s Growth Voucher scheme, launched earlier in 2014.  This means that we are authorised, as part of the scheme, to provide strategic advice in the areas of Finance and Cashflow to businesses wishing to grow and up to 50% of the cost of that advice may be funded by the government’s voucher scheme.

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