How do I Make More Hours in the Day?

Frazzled-Business-OwnerWe’re all business owners and we’re all pretty busy all of the time—right?

But yet there are lots of additional activities we know we should be doing to drive our businesses forward—we just never seem to get to them.  How can we squeeze more time into our already busy days to get those additional things done?

Well I really think the answer is to stop trying to squeeze even more and more tasks into our crowded days.  The day is, after all, only 24 hours long and we all need to sleep, devote time to family and pursue other interests which are central to our health and well-being.

The key to achieving more therefore has to be delegating more.  We all know that there are tasks that we enjoy and are good at (so these ones get done first and without fail) , then there are tasks that we don’t relish, have little confidence in doing well, and so these tasks are invariably the ones that, at the end of the day, remain undone.

Rather than beating ourselves up about it, surely the smart thing to do is to recognize the fact, and work out which of those tasks we can get someone else to do.  Sure, there will be a cost involved, but if this cost means that we then spend more time doing the things that we’re good at, and that only we can do, this has got to be beneficial not only to the business, but to our own well-being as business owners too.

So rather than wrestling with IT, the website, the bookkeeping and payroll, social media  and answering the phone etc, find someone who actually enjoys doing this work and let them do it.  The chances are they will do a much better job than you could, in half the time and without the risk of costly errors, leaving you time to do the things that really  matter and make the difference to the course that your business takes.

The biggest mistake is to think that delegating will end up costing you money.  If you spend your time saved in formulating solid strategic plans, AND then implementing them, you’ll soon find that the actual cost of delegating tasks repays itself many times over.

For most of those “back office” tasks we know of trusted local businesses that could help you out.  Oh, and we’re pretty good at all the Finance stuff ourselves, should you wish to delegate it our way!!