Have you Wowed your Customers Today?

We all know that with so many businesses out there competing in the same market, it really pays if you can do something original and different to stand out from the crowd.

Well here’s the story of how one business really wowed me – so much so that I needed to tell you about it!

Any female out there will tell you how traumatic it can be when you end up having to call a taxi, late at night and on your own when you’re not really quite sure of your route home.  Well, I was in this precise situation somewhere in west London, needing a cab to get back to Waterloo for the last train home.

Someone at the event gave me the number of a taxi firm and I rather tentatively called them.  So far, pretty standard.  But what happened next was far from standard.

Firstly the telephone operator gave me an estimate of what time my cab would arrive, told me EXACTLY how much my journey would cost AND gave me an estimate of what time I would arrive at Waterloo.

Then, five minutes before my scheduled pick-up time, I received a text confirming that my driver was close by, and more importantly, telling me the make, colour and registration number of the cab coming to collect me.

Furthermore, when the cab did arrive, I received another text telling me which exit of the venue my driver was waiting at, and sure enough the car, as described, was exactly where I had been told it would be.  It goes without saying in this story therefore, that I was duly delivered in time for my train right to the station door!

The reason that I was so wowed by this experience was that I had never ever received anything approaching this sort of level of service from a cab company before.  They had really stepped into my shoes, assessed what I might be worried about, and had used a mixture of technology and good sense to alleviate each of those anxieties one by one.

Which leads me to present the following challenge  to you.  If a cab company can totally rethink their service offering to address every one of their customer’s needs, what can you do to wow your own customers so that they do your marketing for you?

The cab company’s name?  Oh yes, I almost forgot… Addison Lee – go check them out.