Monthly Archives: September 2014

About Change!

u-turn-symbolA few weeks ago we alerted you to the fact that penalties for late filing of RTI submissions were due to start for the smallest employers from 6th October 2014…  well, no sooner had the ink dried on my proverbial keyboard, then HMRC did an about-face.  Yet another extension until the penalty regime starts – this time 6th March 2015!

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Approved Growth Voucher Adviser

GV-logoFreeman Accounting Services Limited has been approved as a registered Growth Voucher adviser as part of the government’s Growth Voucher scheme, launched earlier in 2014.  This means that we are authorised, as part of the scheme, to provide strategic advice in the areas of Finance and Cashflow to businesses wishing to grow and up to 50% of the cost of that advice may be funded by the government’s voucher scheme.

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