Monthly Archives: June 2014

Anyone for a NISA?

Tax-FreeA NISA?  What’s that, do I hear you ask?  It was one of the main headlines in March’s Budget and it comes into effect on 1st July, but I’m not sure there is much awareness of it out there.  I certainly haven’t seen the wave of promotion that I was expecting in the Media.  So let me explain…

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KPIs – What are they and Why do I need them?

KPIsKey Performance Indicators (also known as Key Success Indicators) are a type of performance measurement that an organization can use to evaluate its success and make sure that it is giving sufficient focus to the core activities that will drive that success. Large organizations will certainly have these in place, but they are equally as vital for small businesses who aspire to do great things. And we all want that for our businesses, don’t we? Continue reading