Monthly Archives: April 2014

No More Reclaiming SSP

What-should-a-Legitimate-Doctors-Note-Contain-289x300A really significant change to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) from this month seems to have largely slipped under the radar of both accounting professionals and employers likewise.  And it’s going to potentially have a massive impact on small employers, so why was this not properly communicated by HMRC in the way that the Employment Allowance has been? A classic case of burying bad news perhaps??

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The Power of a Forecast

Seeing the way that the forecasts by the Office for Budget Responsibility seem to be forever shifting from one Budget statement to the next, made me ponder the true value of a forecast.  After all, even within the space of a few short months, the assumptions on which the state of our nation’s finances are assessed can vary enormously.  So is there any real value in a forecast, if it keeps shifting so much…?  Continue reading