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Budget 2014!!

Red BoxAs usual, the annual Budget was as much about theatre as about the serious economics of the nation.  And as usual, we sat down with our lunch and our notepads and scribbled down everything that might be of interest to the small business community we serve.

We have compiled our usual digest of the budget highlights, distributed free to all our active clients.  If you would like to receive a copy, please email us with your details at and we’ll gladly send you a copy!

Changes to Company Car and Van Benefits

DFC-Bugatti Veyron Sport Edition Qatar3The new tax year always brings a host of changes to tax rates and allowances, and one of the questions we get most is about the changes to the company car and van benefits, so here’s a quick update for the tax year about to start 2014-2015…  By the way, this car is my son’s dream car (Probably everything to do with Top Gear but perhaps not a great choice for practicality or tax!)

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How do I Make More Hours in the Day?

Frazzled-Business-OwnerWe’re all business owners and we’re all pretty busy all of the time—right?

But yet there are lots of additional activities we know we should be doing to drive our businesses forward—we just never seem to get to them.  How can we squeeze more time into our already busy days to get those additional things done?

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