Monthly Archives: January 2014

That 60% Tax Rate – Ouch!

According to the published tax tables, the highest rate of income tax is 45%, payable on all earnings over £150,000.

However, this masks a rather unpleasant shock which comes if your income is just over the £100,000 mark—that of an effective tax rate of 60%.  Ouch!!

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The Costs of Employing Someone

With employment supposedly rising and business confidence increasing, you might be considering expanding your workforce  in the coming months.  One of the questions I am often asked is “What will it cost to employ someone in my business?”  So here is a little summary of the key points to consider, PLUS some details on a couple of government initiatives that are on the horizon to reduce that cost. Continue reading

A Happy New Year to All!

As I write this post on what has been dubbed “Blue Monday”, I just can’t understand that rather depressing sentiment at all.  Rather than being depressed at being back at work after a wonderful break (for us it was a short trip to Paris!), I am truly excited to get stuck back in.  There is so much positive sentiment around— the economic outlook and business confidence is reportedly up,  unemployment is going down and I personally feel a new energy as I look forward to 2014.


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