Monthly Archives: September 2013

RTI – 6 months on…

April 6th 2013 saw the biggest change to payroll administration in a generation.  Not to how a payroll is actually calculated, but to the way in which payments to employees are reported.  The new system is known as RTI (Real Time Information) and you can’t have failed to come across some references to it in your email or postbag!

Now that the dust has settled a little, I was reflecting on how the switchover had gone, what the ongoing challenges are, and what we, at Freeman Accounting Services, need to be aware of and improve in the coming months.

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New Look, Same Values..

I’m so excited that I wanted to share this with you all…

Today has seen the launch of our newly-designed website off the back of some re-branding I’ve been doing – you’ll no doubt have already spotted the rather funky new logo and email footer recently.

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